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Your product is not just a product. It is the result of your creativity, your passion. Having a product is one thing, getting it sold another. Speak for yourself: how do YOU get convinced of buying a product? Admit it, the images are like life: the outside is the first impression you will have with the product, and it better be good.


Be sure, the image represents your creation. Leave experimenting to the experts, just like we don't try to experiment on another one's craftsmanship. (ever saw a photographer creating a cupboard? It surely has a pinhole and a shutterbutton ;-)


See how good images can bring your product to your future customer.

What is important when talking Commercial photography?



Commercial photography is by default obviously not the same as portrait photography: this is not about a party or showing a landscape.

This is about showing your product, the best angle, correct colors and putting all attention to that what is the result of a long time of thinking, developing and creating. Our expertise to photography is equal to your passion and knowledge on your product.


Important to know is the destination and underlying idea of the image: do you want images for use on an online webshop? OR do you want to show your product in its own environment? Create a mood? Or will it be an illustration in a manual? Lot's of thing to think about.


Different solutions are possible, different techniques will be applied. In order to do so, we are equipped with the best possible gear and we will make sure to have the needed accessories.



It all starts with the preparation.

- Mood board 

- Accessories

- Shooting list

- Delivery of goods and preparation for capture


Consequently a photosession will be planned

- Infinity groove studio

- ColorRite

- Natural light

- Studio light

- Outside locations


But it does not stop after the photo session. Development and retouch are the second key in this process.

- Clipping

- Color correction

Types of commercial images


We distinguish between 3 types of images:


   Simple (Simple background or Simple Ambiance)

           The object is placed in an existing decor on location and the image is taken. No accessories, added objects, or flashes or photographic tools are used.

           The objects are put on a white background and the image is taken at the studio. In order to take the picture, flashes were needed. The shadows remain

           visible, all natural.



            The picture is taken at the studio. In post processing we cut out the object. The gray / white tiles mean 'without pixel', so the object is easily usable for

            editors and graphic designers but also immediately use on online webshops.



            The composition is carefully constructed. First a background, then the props are added, until we have created the perfect picture. The composition and

             atmosphere has been agreed with the client. This type of images most of the time are realized at the studio.

See more samples and types of images

Services included


Depends to the type of picture you want. At all times, wee will communicate what is included and what is not.

Below some important services to take in mind when doing a product shoot.

- delivery in 2 formats (small, large)

- jpg and/or tif files, where needed in layers

- archiving offline during 12 months 

- delivery through internet

- proofing using a digital gallery

- lifetime rights for usage

- basic retouch and development



What is not included but available at cost

- delivery and return of the goods

- mood board creation (upon request)

- transfer costs (for exterior photo sessions)

- detailed retouch for brilliant, transparent and/or irregular formed objects

- Stylist/dresser/3rd party activities

- release forms for models

- model (scouting and contracting)

- copyrights of all raw and delivered files

- delivery of RAW files

How to prepare my goods?


Your product(s) must arrive in good conditions at the studio. They should be fully operational, cleaned and in the correct colors and packaging.


It is also good to have a list with naming, number of pieces, variants and so on.

How does it work?


Key in a product shoot is preparation. Nobody is served of loosing time (and therefore an increasing invoice), especially when it can be avoided.

Here is the story of a traditional product shoot:



- First contact between you and Photography Véronique & Marc  (use our contact form!)

- Decisions are to be taken on number of goods, number of images, angles, type, mood board creation, date of photo session, ...

- Delivery of the goods, preferable a few days upfront and where possible at the same moment.

- First tryouts by Photography Véronique & Marc for technical and compositional reasons.

- The big photo session day. We prefer to have a representing person of the customer present during the shoot. This person must have

   decision authority, at least for the majority of images.

- Returning the goods.

- Postprocessing in function of type and notes taken during shoot.

- Presentation of images, either raw or finished, for validation by customer.

- If needed, corrections of deliverables within the agreed frame

- Final delivery of images in applicable formats and sizes.

- Returning of the goods

  (This is an illustrative example of a product shoot process. In all cases all works will be discussed and agreed upon before execution)

Working with models


In some cases a human presence in the images is obvious. Integrating a human person has lots of consequenses during the whole process. It has an impact on the way of photographing but also the post process. We will be glad advising you on how to take care of this. We do not provide in models but we will stand next to you when it comes on how to find the prefect solution.

You are a model and want dive into the studio? Send us your natural portfolio and we will get in touch with you.

Get in touch


It's easy and free: send us as much as possible what you need and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Maybe it seems a lot to fill out, but the more you tell, the better we can meet your expectations.

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