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Showing of your Riad, Hotel or your own private place...

You, as an owner or manager of a hotelfacility, have put a lot of efforts in decorating and finetuning your interior: cosy places with the correct colors and furniture to create a place like home. A huge job searching the correct accessories in shops, finding the correct craftsmen and decorators. Synchronising colors, forms and light. So why should you loose all this work by having images not corresponding to this palace of passion and decoration ?


Check how your interior can be translated in truly representing images. Because we put the same passion in our images as you did on your interior.


We provide traditional wide angle images and 360 degree views (like Google Streetview)  completed with medium and detail images.

Our customers

Most of our customers run a mid-range riad in the old medina of Marrakech or own real estate in the Palmeraie for rent. As written above, they are all the time busy with the interior design, the synchronisation of colors, furniture and ambiance. They know how much it takes to get that woow feeling when their customers enter the premises. They know that being seen is not only for the visitors on site but even more important  to get the  attention from future visitors, strawling from one web site to another.

Choose your 


There are different types of photography, each with their own characteristics and methods.

Every professional photographer will specialize in one or more types: materials, processes, details are raised to a high level by the experiences in his field. Make sure you see the necessary portfolios, talk to the photographer and listen to which expertise he will apply and which details he will or will not take into account.

In interior photography there is no room for snapshots, sloping walls, overexposed zones. Interior photography is in the first place an exact representation of reality, without extreme artistic and therefore non-realistic interventions.

Finally, photography is about photos, that's for sure. But once again the underlying knowledge of the subject is of great importance in catching up with the intended result.

Riad de luxe
Traditional Riad
Traditional Riad
Real Estate
Riad de Luxe

Detailed info/quote?

You want to receive a detailed quote? Fill out the form on this page and we will provide you all information for your project.  

                                                 >>> to the project form

Why do you need high quality images? And why spending money on it?

It is simple and obvious: nowadays travellers decide their hotel based on 3 simple factors:

                                              PRICE          REVIEWS         IMAGES

  The price: that is what you take care about

  The review: That's your customer

  The image:  That's us!

Think as a customer: how do you choose your hotel to stay? You have probably set a budget, so the search engine does his work. And what is the next thing you think about? Right, have a look inside, what does this hotel offers me? Make sure your hotel stands out when it comes to images, because:

                  Your customer only has 1 First impression of your place, and it better be a good one. (2 seconds, think about it)

What's important when talking interior photography?

Interior photography has, just like any other kind photography, its own characteristics. Some major rules need to be taken care of, some rules are in hands and to the flavor of the photographer.

We will be glad to learn you more on interior photography during a free visit, but following 

topics are worth thinking about already:

                                         VERTICALS     LIGHT INSIDE     LIGHT OUTSIDE

In order to have a smooth session on site, preparation is due. 

= make sure all light bulbs are working and have some spare ones

- have clean, ironed sheets on the beds

- add accessories as wanted, but do not put anything in the room that will not be present when the customer arrives. (travel accessories are allowed,

  like a suitcase for example.

Default services, included in any interior photography session:


   - staging visit and quote


   - default staging


  - color corrections

  - light correction

  - perspective correction

  - selection by customer and delivery through galery (depending on selected pack)

  - what you choose is what you pay: fee based on number of wide angle images or choosen pack, not on time spent


  - 12 month archiving

  - large and small format per (selected) image

  - permanent installed in Marrakech

  - basic retouch, including removal of camera reflected in mirrors

Not included and subject of quote:

- detailed retouch and replacements

- unforeseen or not planned rescheduling due to poor preparation or unavailability of the room(s)

How does it work   ►

An interior photograph shoot has its own particularities:

The photographer needs to know what parts are to be photographed, during day and/or night, what settings and so on. 

During the shoot I will look for the perfect angles and make sure all accessories and 

furniture is in the correct 'photographic' position. I will make sure there's no unwanted clutter


But it does not stop by taking the pictures. Due to the specific light conditions of an interior,

developpement is also about cleaning up, having correct perspectives and sizes. 

During a free visit we will explain you in detail how and what we do.

At the end, this is not about taking family or holiday snapshots, but about respecting your interior.

What is Streetview 360 degrees photography?

360 degree view results, as it says, in an image showing every single angle of a room or place. Using the correct viewer makes it possible to look in any direction. Connecting different 360 degree view images makes it even possible to walk from one space to another.

Creating such an images takes a lot of images and urges for specific skills in order to stitch the images together.

This kind of images can be integrated on a website, on google maps and 360 supporting apps like for example facebook.

More info available on demand.

Our special composed packs, for a complete story.

Basically we offer scalable photo sessions, based on the number of images you wild like and feasible to realise. By default those images are wide angle images, showing as much as possible of the space on one frame.

We also offer packs: a fixed number of wide angle images together with medium angle and detail pictures.  These packs all include the services as mentionned above. Find below our value packs and make your choice.

Value 1

22 images Wide angle

8 images Ambiance and/or detail

Investment per day 16,44 Mad

Value 2

30 images Wide angle

14 images Ambiance and/or detail

Investment per day 23 Mad

Value 3

40 images Wide angle

20 images Ambiance and/or detail

Investment per day 30 Mad

Additional images come at a fee of 300 MAD HT, to be choosen from gallery

Investment calculation based on the total fee due  for a period of 365 days, VAT included

Prices valid within a range of 15 km around Jma El Fna

For packs: mentionned fees are applicable on fixed number of images, selected by photographer.

Our customers

Photography Véronique & Marc

Marrakech  /  Morocco

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